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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tonight. >> thank you, you too. >> tucker: out of time sadly the hour has passed fast. back tomorrow 8:00 p.m. the show that is the enemy of smugness lying and group think. guess who is next? sean hannity from new york. >> sean: thank you. we have a lot to cover tonight. breaking right now with just hours to go until the schiff show moves to the judiciary committee. of course, the psychotic trump hating impeachment hearing rage which is really not and i will explain in a minute house democrats have finally released the document outlining their allegations against the president. the so-called trump-ukraine impeachment inquiry report. it's really just a coup report. nothing but an insane convoluted 14,000 word diatribe concocted by their fearless compromised, corrupt, coward, congenital liar that would be adam schiff, their leader. report is chock-full of nothing but conspiracy theories. left-wings opinions, conjecture, hearsay witnesses, complaints about
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donald trump's foreign policy by people that think they are more important than the duly elected president and a whole lot of outright lies. and, yeah, two quotes: from george washington and alexander hamilton, they are even dragging them through the mud. this is not a serious document. in fact, the only clear piece of relevant real hard evidence is the testimony from their only one direct witness. that guy right there, ambassador gordon sondland. according to the report, quote, i'm reading: on september 9th sondland claimed that the president answered an open question about what he wanted from ukraine with an immediate denial. i want nothing. no quid pro quo. that is the only person under the federal rules of evidence, not the hearsay witnesses, not the opinion witnesses, that's the only guy that could be a real witness in a real court of law. the others admissible, and meanwhile, the ukrainian president zelensky again
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this weekend, assured everybody never felt any pressure, no quid pro quo. what's wrong with you people you? are not likely going to hear this on fake news, cnn or yes area 51 rosewell rachel maddow's conspiracy channel snmdnc. look, no quid pro quo. look, i never talked to the president of a position of a quid pro quo. keep in mind president trump invited zelensky to the white house on three separate occasions with zero stipulations before the 9th, yeah. problematic for them. u.s. aide to ukraine was paid out in full. when did they make the announcement that they were doing the things that trump was demanding? they never did. and to top it all off. that aide was never discussed in multiple phone calls between zelensky and trump. aide never talked about. again, no one, no one ever
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testified that donald trump told them to withhold aide for any political favor that would only be quid and pro-and joe with us on hunter. paid millions. you are not getting the billion dollars and let's not lose sight of something very important. the congenital liar's rambling report was released just hours before the first official proceeding there is no time to mounts any legal defense. president trump isn't even in the country and they knew that, too. that's not all. congenital liar. the compromised adam schiff who conducted the investigation wrote the report, he is a known, repeated congenital liar. he lied repeatedly about trump-russia collusion. we have all the evidence. four investigations, no evidence. he lied about the president's phone call. he had to make it up with president zelensky and ukraine. in fact, he made up an entire fake transcript and the congenital liar even lied about his contact with the non-whistleblower-
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whistleblo non-whistleblower-whistleblo wer-whistleblower. his office was communicating with the fake whistleblower from the very beginning oh, i forgot to tell you that. and now look at this. breaking tonight, according to major report from investigative reporter carrie pickerington, washington examiner, schiff actually hired a normer national security aide who worked with the named non-whistleblower. the ukrainian whistleblower only one day after the president's phone call with ukraine. ad cording to the report, quote: the pair had a close, quote, bro like relationship while working at the nfc together. not only was the congenital liar's office in communication with the non-whistleblower hearsay whistleblower but they even hired the fake whistleblower non-whistleblower's work bro right the day after the call in question. i'm not sure this is all one big coincidence. are you? and today president trump had a few choice words for the compromised corrupt
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congenital liar adam schiff. let's take a look. >> i think adam schiff is a deranged human being. grew up with a complex. very sick man. he lies. adam schiff made up my conversation with the president of ukraine. this guy is sick he made up the conversation. he lied. if he didn't do that in the halls of congress he would be thrown in jail. he did it in the halls of congress and given immunity. this is a sick person. is he a liar. >> sean: deranged human being submitted his pile of findings to the judiciary committee. oh yeah then we have know nothing nadler attempt to rush the impeachment sham across the line and get it done for christmas. nadler is likely jamming impeachment down all of our throats. they don't care about the country. they have done nothing for us for three years except hate on donald trump. investigate donald trump.
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tell us how bad donald trump is. trump-russia, trump russia, ukraine, impeach, impeach, impeach. lies, lies, stormy, stormy, s-hole, s hole. no evidence. four investigations, no trump-russia investigation. nadler should have the votes to do prett whatever he wants in the house. what you are seeing are major political ramifications. believe it or not, look at this report from the examiner. some believe nadler is even more unlikeable than schiff. you have the schiff show and now the schiff show with a guy that's more hated than him. and president trump already surging in the polls. support for impeachment is on a steady rapid decline and sources now telling fox news that. >> anna: impeachment vote won't happen before christmas because of complex issues like pelosi doesn't have the votes and democrats are having a really hard time staying focused. look at this. "the washington post" reporting some lawmakers are trying to expand the impeachment articles. they even want to revisit russia, russia, russia.
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four investigations. let's go back to that one. they have lost touch with reality, logic, reach, common sense. bifurcated their brains. we actually do have a quid pro quo. you are not getting the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecutor that i have been told is investigating my zero experience son that ukraine oil company is paying millions. there you go. but they have to shut that part of their brain off. just like they shut the part of their brain off with the hillary bought and paid for russian dossier. but the good news is and this is the only good news. in 336 days you, we, the people of this country you get to shock the world again. we get to -- we get to do it one more time 2016. remember their faces president donald j. trump. now president-elect. imagine that cnn fake news.
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msdnc fake news. we now project that donald trump has been reelected the 45th president of the united states. is that not worth the price of admission? that would be marvelous. here with reaction. ohio congressman brengts wenstrup. florida congressman matt gaetz. all right. serious issues here. i see you chuckling at my little jokes. seriousness is, matt, this is all they have done. they is all they do. this is all they care about. they have done nothing to help anybody in this country. they haven't lifted a financing tore do one thing to help one american in three years and this is what they give us. >> you are absolutely right, sean. adam schiff delivered his 300-page fairy tale to the house judiciary committee just hours ago. it's oddly a fairy tale told second hand with hearsay and conjecture. this would be olot like learning about the story of wizard of oz from tinman's cousin who thought that the wicked witch was terribly misunderstood. have you pointed out the opportunity costs.
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right now our troops are waiting for a raise. our farmers and our manufacturerieses are waiting for a vote on usmca. seniors cost of prescription drugs. dr. wenstrup and i just returned from first votes of the week on the floors of the congress. i can tell you, sean, democrats back in their districts over the thanksgiving break were feeling the heat. keep it up, america. tell your members of congress that you would like them to start focusing on you and not their deranged, just motivations for ambition surrounding impeachment and investigations. >> sean: congressman wenstrup and by the way, you are going to be on the committee. are you on the committee tomorrow for the talk show? this isn't really, i mean, only hearsay witnesses and opinion witnesses. none of them admissible under the federal rules of evidence, congressman wenstrup. so, we're bringing in lawyers. liberal lawyers except for jonathan turley. he is a democrat though. we are bringing them in to, what, conduct a talk show because they are all going to give their opinion about how much they hate trump and they hate trump more than the other hates trump and we
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are going to impeach him because we don't like the way he looks and he never should have won? is this a talk show or is this evidence? >> well, you know, we are handing it off to judiciary at this point. and intelligence committee. the committee where you are supposed to be seen and rarely heard from. we obviously got shoved into the limelight thanks to adam schiff. frankly after reviewing the document today, i don't think america is ready to bow to adam schiff's superior imagination, if you will. it's been interesting the last three years. everything they accuse -- falsely accuse people of doing are things they have actually done themselves. you point that out night after night it. will be more like a talk show when it gets over to judiciary, you know, we are ready to do the handoff. i can tell you that i think our team on the judiciary committee is just as prepared as we were on the intelligence committee to let america know the truth. and there's nothing impeachable here. this is really an amazing thing. and that's why democrats are feeling it back at home. i have got to tell you,
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sean, back at home over thanksgiving, going into church, running into policemen, et cetera, et cetera. we were being praised for the work that we just got done and i'm proud of that. >> sean: so congressman gaetz. i just want to ask you. who would you like to actually bring in as witnesses? because i think adam schiff should be one. i would like to bring in the non-whistleblower- whistleblo non-whistleblower-whistleblo wer. i would like to bring in joe and hunter. >> it was dr. wenstrup who made the point to me earlier this evening it should be adam schiff send sitting in that witness chair defending his work product. the schiff report isn't the gospel we don't take it as an article of faith. we should be able to ask questions. when he wants to hide in the bunk err and take secret depositions then is he a special prosecutor. but when he produces his work, doesn't actually want to have to stand behind it. hunter biden should be in that witness chair. and by the way if adam schiff is going to be getting the phone logs of republicans like devin nunes. i want to see adam schiff's call logs.
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i want to see how many times he and members of his staff coordinated with the whistleblower and trump-hating lawyers and everyone trying to create a frenzy for a coup whe when we should be working on behalf of the interests of the american people. >> sean: well said both of you. thanks for what you do. we will be watching the talk show tomorrow. thank you both. house democrats now engaged in what is only a grand gross political stunt. not caring one bit about you, we the american people. all while president trump, what is he doing? he is out conducting work on behalf of we the people abroad that includes standing up to world leaders like he promised and holding our allies accountable like he promised to do their fair share. take loongeght. >> we have a tremendous amount of captured isis fighters over in syria. and they are all under lock and key. but many of them -- many from france, many germany many from u.k. mostly from europe some of
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the countries are agreeing. i have not spoken to the president about that. would you like some nice isis firefighters? you can take every one you want. >> let's be serious. but for m >> this is a great politician. that was one of the greatest nonanswers i have ever heard. they are paying up. we are talking to germany tomorrow and they are starting to come along. they have to. they have. to say otherwise, if they don't want, to i will have to do something with respect to trade. and in trade i have all the cards. >> sean: what a beat down. yeah. trump beat back the caliphate in syria.
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he bombed the crap out of them. and yeah baghdadi is dead. i have said it many times. you, we the people, you elected somebody you knew would be a disrupter. you knew he was an iconic class. he would fight at home and abroad. repeatedly challenge the status quo. putting america and we the american people first. you want to know what cleaning and draining the swamp is. this is it. swamp creatures, republican and democrat they don't like being exposed in countries that have ripped us off think are having their cages rattled a little bit. isn't that great? our money. needless to say president has been fighting against deep state bureaucrats every step of the way. when you drain the swamp. it's dirty work and then the creatures don't want to be exposed and we're about to see some very real progress. after months of delays. yes, the report on fisa abuse by the inspector general will be released on monday. look at this article from "the washington post.
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those delays might have been the result of a fundamental disagreement between the attorney general barr, the inspector general horowitz about corruption at the highest levels of the fbi and the doj. but, president trump now refuting that as did the attorney general. take a look. >> i have not seen the report perhaps he has read the report. i think he was quoted incorrectly. i do believe that because i'm hearing the report is very powerful. i'm hearing that by reading lots of different things. not from inside information. but from outside information. i think all we have to do is wait. is it going to be released on monday, monday or so? i think we have to read it and we have to see it. but i hear there is a lot of devastating things in that report. we will see what happens. >> sean: my sources are telling me the president is right. i'm told that a set of clear, damning established facts will be laid out in the fisa report, for example. we already know. we know the fbi and doj officials were warned repeatedly not to trust
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steele's dirty dossier. they were warned by bruce ohr, kathleen cav lick and others. we know steele doesn't stabbed behind his dirty dossier. interrogatory under threat of perjury in great britain. i don't know if any of it is true. 50-50? that makes that whole dossier unverifiable. how can it be used in any capacity in any fisa warrant? we know the clinton campaign and the dnc paid for the does yea. we know that andrew mccabe said no dossier without no fisa warrant without the dossier. we also know that the inspector general well, he is not a criminal prosecutor. that's not what he does. he doesn't have the power to convene a grand jury. doesn't have the file to file criminal charges. his previous referral surrounding comey's lack of candor. mccabe's lying they have gone nowhere. let not your heart be troubled. the doj has clearly stated
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federal prosecutor john durham now conducting what is a criminal investigation. he was tasked with the issue of the origins of the russia hoax. not fisa abuse. grand jurors and make charges and is there would be be arrested. documented in this report next monday will be relevant in every way that durham's real investigation with real teeth, real power to go out, convene grand juries and charges be made. that is now expanded in its size and scope and in its meeting by now being declared criminal. it means the ball is squarely in the attorney general's court. and, according to barr, a deep state insurgency is in fact under mining the rule of law in this country and that spying did occur. joining us now with more, north carolina congressman mark meadows, fox news contributor john solomon with some breaking news
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tonight about what is in the report we. i hear you have your top 10 findings. i will tell you tomorrow. how about tonight? give us a preview tonight. >> i should do some of that tonight. listen, there is going to be 6 to 12 factual issues concerns, mistakes. errors, abuses that the ig is going to identify. and they are going to arrange very serious around the fisa abuse to the withholding being of exculpatory statements people like george papadopoulos and possibly carter page made. we know a lot about the political concerns about christopher steele's background. i will make a bold prediction tonight. i think the report is going to reveal back in 2015 the fbi was warned by great britain that there were concerns about christopher steele's reliability, specifically his use of subsources and remember why
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is that important? the fbi claimed in that footnote they had no derogatory information about christopher steele. i think that's going to be a big highlight in the report. john, could you say this? we now know and it's irrefutable. pre-mepremeditated fraud, meanig they were warned on the fisa court christopher steele with his own admission in an interrogatory said i don't know if any of it is true. if they used any of it, isn't that premeditated fraud on a court and they were warned repeatedly about it? >> i think for sure there is going to be one clear example of premeditated fraud. that's the falsification of documents. whether steele's derogatory. >> sean: warned the steele dossier can't be verified it was non-verifiable that hillary paid for it and steele is not trustworthy. they never should have used any of that dossier, true or false? >> true that they shouldn't have used it. the question now will be was it premeditated or was it fbi bungling? we need to wait and see what the ig comments down to.
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>> sean: if bruce ohr, mark meadows, and kathleen warned the doj and fbi. can't trust steele, not verifiable, clinton paid for it. what else do you need? and then you use it anyway? really? >> they shouldn't have been using, sean, i know your viewers and many of my constituents in western north carolina have been waiting for this report for a long, long time. and next week it will come. but what we will see, based on documents that we have actually given the ig is not only did they have the reason to know but they knew there were credibility problems with the very documents that they were spies on american citizen and using those documents inappropriately. so, i think we will start to see that perhaps everything looked okay in july of 2016 very quickly before the election they knew they had a problem then guy january
6:21 pm
it should have all been over. we wonder why the president is so upset about being falsely accused over and over again, it's the same adam schiff who said there was nothing wrong. you are going to get to see next monday not only was adam schiff wrong he was intentionally misleading the american people. >> sean: let's talk, congressman, how you believe how you interpret attorney general's barr's statements because he gave a powerful speech that i don't believe any attorney general would ever give if he didn't know a lot more. >> yeah. the attorney general has taken this very serious from the very beginning and john durham is doing some great work. john solomon made a great point the inspector general and his team they have been very methodical but they are really hamstrung by just a certain group and a certain amount of information that they can look at and certain group that they can really investigate and question. that being said, i can tell
6:22 pm
you that some of the things that the attorney general has had access to goes well beyond the scope of just fisa abuse. it really gets to the heart and core of what jim jordan and i have been saying for a long time. there was a problem within the fbi. the way they were going after this president. it was inappropriate and certainly not expected by the vast majority of the great people that serve our country at the fbi and doj. >> sean: thank goodness for the freedom caucus and john solomon, great work as well. thank you both. when we come back, congressman devin nunes in an exclusive interview. he just filed a 435-million-dollar lawsuit against fake news cnn. he will tell us why. we sent lawrence jones to iowa to see what the people think of the biden sleepy creepy crazy joe 3030 -- 30330 joe malarkey tour thing. man: sneezes
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>> sean: so now after enduring yet another baseless smear from the corrupt mob and the media. congressman devin nunes is taking immediate action filing a bombshell defamation lawsuit against cnn after they publish alleged false story about nunes traveling to vienna to dig up dirt on quid pro quo joe. now today's filing is explosive and exposes just how wrong cnn got. this and just how low they will sink to try and smear a duly elected member of congress and, of course, the congenital liar adam schiff is not only continuing to steer democrats off the impeachment cliff, but he is apparently promoting the smear effort as well alleging the call leg showed devin nunes giuliani dig up dirt on ukraine.
6:28 pm
here is devin nunes. start with the lawsuit. ever travel to ventriclena, congressman. >> i have been to vienna i wasn't there in 2018 when they said i was there. that's their problem. >> sean: let's talk about the specifics of what they got wrong and here is the other question. they do any due diligence. ever ask you or your office? >> look, here is m rule for cnn the last two and a half years and most of the mainstream media. most of capital here until and they know it until they retract fake news stories about me being under investigation and doing midnight runs to the white house until you retract i'm not acknowledging any question that you give to me in this lifetime or the next lifetime. so they know that i don't respond to any questions. i don't even acknowledge questions. right? but when they said that i was in vienna, i was actually in benghazi. i was the first member of congress to be back in benghazi since after the attacks meeting with general haftar then from there to
6:29 pm
malta to participate nate a repatriatation ceremony we found a soldier in the mediterranean. we had the remains of the soldier so he could be loaded back up on a plane and shipped back to the united states. i was not meeting with ukrainians in vienna in december of 2018. it wouldn't have been hard to prove. and i think the bigger point here, sean, is that they shouldn't be listening to somebody who has been indicted, okay? it's really really bad on their part. it's reckless. it's clearly reckless. and, look, it's been 10 days. i was on -- this story came out 10 days ago. i was very clear. i said it was demonstrably false. clear definition that i was denying it. they didn't correct the record. i went on your show and said a week ago thafs going to be working all week to get all the facts to presence them in federal court. so look i'm ready to meet with cnn tomorrow. they can put all the facts on the table. i will put all my facts on the table and we need to go to a jury trial and let a jury decide whether or not what's been done here is
6:30 pm
appropriate. it's clear to me cnn has had an ax to grind. how many times have you seen it, sean? you have seen it, your viewers have seen it. cnn chasing me around in the capital. cnn chasing me around back in my district in california. always with smears. always with lies. always with fake news. it just happens that this time they went way overboard and i'm not going to take it anymore. >> sean: your lawsuit goes on to claim their report claimed that you met with ukrainian prosecutor fired son of a b they did it by quid pro quo joe victor showingen in vienna in 2018 to dig up dirt on hunt and joe biden you didn't go anywhere near that area nor did you ever mete with the ukrainian prosecutor that was fired because of joe. >> it's even better than that i have pictures of myself in benghazi and malta at the time frame. this is salute definition of fake news. right? and, look, i have made no secret that i want to get to
6:31 pm
the bottom of who fusion gps's sources who were the democrat sources in ukraine? we have been looking for those sources for a very long time. i will tell you i wasn't in vienna and didn't meet with this guy shokin. maybe i need. to say maybe i need to reach out to shokin and see what he actually has. >> sean: what about the reports tonight that are just breaking that reveal multiple calls between you, this guy par nez and rudy giuliani. my sources are telling me that three of the four so-called calls were just to giuliani and on parnez's phone and you and under a minute is that true. >> even better than that first of all, you have to remember the house intelligence committee are the oversight committee. we have american and foreigners contact us every single day with information. we take that information. you know, we see them somewhere, would listen. we say can you get this to the appropriate lawyer or staff member on the committee. the fact that i know rudy
6:32 pm
giuliani. i have known rudy giuliani a long time. and during that time, if you remember, that was right when robert mueller completely bombed and inflamed out. so, i remember talking to rudy giuliani. and we were actually laughing about how mueller bombed out. so, you know, i don't know, maybe they have the recordings of my phone calls with rudy giuliani. they are welcome to play them. because everything i spoke with rudy giuliani about is nothing that i wouldn't care if the american people found out. but the fact that the democrats are using this once again, what are they doing? they're lying. they could have told cnn that i wasn't in vienna. they have the records. they wanted that story to be printed. >> sean: did you ever talk to this guy les par nez or whoever this guy is? is. >> it's possible. i haven't gone through my phone records. i don't recall that name. i remember the name now because he has been indicted. why would cnn rely on somebody like this? i will go back and check my records but it seems unlikely i will be taking
6:33 pm
calls from random people. we have a standard operating procedure. you call my office or see me out on the street i will do my job and do my duty. i will take your information and get it to the appropriate staff person or the appropriate agency in that matter. and i will tell you this: that, you know, anything that we have from par nasa and his lawyers. whatever game they are up, to we will work directly with the justice department to make sure that these guys aren't just trying to obstruct justice, to obstruct our congressional investigation or lie to congress. i can karen fee you that. i don't know what these guys are up to. but the long arm of the law is going to catch them. >> sean: good luck on your lawsuit. i have read your case. appreciate you giving your interview tonight. new ahead 2020 democrats in major turmoil. when we come back, i will highlight their major failures. lawrence jones in iowa to see what residents in the hawkeye state think of joe biden, sleepy creepy no malarkey tour straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: all right now the 2020 democrats are one fewer tonight after once anointed frontrunner senator kamala harris announced that she is quitting the race. her announcement comes on the heels of a scathing resignation letter from a campaign official detailing the mistreatment of staffers and all-out dysfunction. beyond the disorganization the reality is that harris was never able to connect with the voters. could her exit create an opening for nanny state liberal michael bloomberg? president trump doesn't think. so he is calling out the former mayor more stopping bloomberg news from investigating him at all tweeting, quote: mini mike bloomberg has instructed his third rate news organization not to investigate him or
6:39 pm
any democrat but only go after president trump. wow. and of course who could forget the bizarre blunders from sleepy craziy uncle joe 33030. we did send lawrence jones to iowa to get voters' opinions of biden's mishaps and no malarkey bus tour. take a look. >> joe biden is on an iowa bus tour. it's called the no malarkey bus tour. of all the things he could have came up with he chose that what does that mean? >> probably trying to cater to the farmers here. grassroots. >> i think it will appeal to his older constituents. >> do you know what no malarkey is? >> not really. >> it's like no b.s.? >> i want to show you some video and see what you think of it. >> i have got hairy legs that turn blond in the sun and the kid used to come up
6:40 pm
and reach in the hole and rug my leg down and learned about kids jumping on my lap. and i have loved kids jumping on my lap. >> that's an interesting take on things. >> did it come off as creepy to you? >> it's odd. definitely odd. i don't know the point of it. >> yeah, that would kind of freak me out if he talked to me about that. >> i'm not going to let my kids in the pool with him. >> that's malarkey. >> as a biden supporter, isn't that a little creepy? >> a little. he is getting up there in years i guess we will have to see how it all turns out. >> you are still voting for him? >> i'm not certain. >> sean: joining us now with reaction michael former white house chief of staff reince priebus ohio owe a text back to and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. we played a video of joe the stuff about the hair and it gets bleached and i know
6:41 pm
rats and i like kids jumping on me. did you see that reince? >> yeah, it's insanity. the gaffes are getting even more wild than they have ever become. it is true he is sort of losing his marbles a little bit. you mentioned michael bloomberg earlier. is he just taking votes away from joe biden. the one thing bloomberg does have is money. and the un -- the topic that's not discussed a lot nowadays. >> sean: campaign finance. >> the trump victory operation is crushing the democrats. the wake-up call for democrats. >> sean: reince with all due respect,/ sh sh, don't give it away governor huckabee. it seems like team ow obama seem to be coalescing around deval patrick as a hail mary
6:42 pm
pass. does that work out? >> i don't think so. i think he has gotten in too late. most of the candidates create you had infrastructure in the early states. and this nonsense that bloomberg is talking about waiting until they get to, you know, the 5th or 6th state or tiewrp tuesday. it doesn't work. others have tried it. it's a disaster. just isn't going to happen. bloomberg, the good part about this is, he is going to spend 100 million of his own dollars and that means that's money he can't use to take away everyone's second amendment rights. so i applaud his efforts he probably won't get a single delegate. >> sean: now not restricted by campaign finance. try to use his money, bludgeon trump without any financial constraints whatsoever. >> yeah. but who is his constituency? i mean, who does he appeal to? i can't think of a single person. >> sean: new yorkers. new york liberals? >> well, great. yeah. and donald trump isn't going to carry new york and nobody is worried about it. but donald trump is going to
6:43 pm
win in a land slide a year from now. and it's largely because the democrats can't find a candidate. one guy who ought to put narrow on his legs so he won't be talking about how blond his hair turns in the sun. that will be his best shot. [laughter] this is crazy stuff. i want to say one thing about kamala harris. this is important. i offered her some sympathy today because i'm going to tell you having been on that platform only thing harder than the decision to enter the race for president is the really tough decision to realize it's over and to get out. and so, you know, i give her credit. she made up her mind. -- >> sean: a lot of people lose and they lose their mind with losing. you have always shown a lot of class. a credit to who you are. reince, i didn't mean to really interrupt you tell us of what you think of deval patrick and seems like the obama infrastructure seems moving towards him. david axelrod.
6:44 pm
>> same thing like and the same thing with kamala harris. got the same problem. when you have 20 candidates. 15 candidates. you need a unique message. you need to stand out. she didn't have a unique message. she wasn't consistent and he doesn't stand out either. they have big problems. as well as just being flat out bankrupt. >> sean: they have done nothing for three years except hate the president. i owe you a text. thank you both. come back new lawsuit, nine more women claiming they were sexually abused by jeffrey epstein. details are scary and shocking. by the way bill clinton is tied into this a lot more than people think. according to one of the alleged victims. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right. breaking today, nine more
6:49 pm
women are coming forward alleging jeffrey epstein abused them as the cases surrounding him, his cohorts, enablers are heating up. fox news chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us live. he is in new york tonight. trace? >> trace: it appears those cohorts and enabler were at epstein's 10,000 new mexico ranch. it's alleged to be one of the places epstein brought underaged girls for sex. former president bill clinton has said repeatedly the only epstein report he ever stayed in was in new york. a security expert brought in to set up surveillance systems at the ranch tells the daily mail that bill clinton was epstein's best celebrity mate and frequently visited the ranch and hillary and chelsea clinton also visited instead of staying in the main house they stayed in the cowboy village. clinton tweeted the story is not true. virginia roberts who claims that prince andrew had sex with her multiple times when she was 17 claims she saw
6:50 pm
bill epstein o enclint on epstes private islands. nine of the accusers filed a lawsuit against his estate alleging that epstein sexually began abusing girls in 1985. meaning it went on for 23 years if true before he was convicted. his youngest victims, they say, 13 years old. sean? >> sean: trace, thank you. here with reaction, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. virginia roberts in that interview saying yeah, epstein, i met bill and epstein said they were good friends. he owes me some favors. he thought -- she thought it was bizarre that they hung out. then we have got the so-called madam maxwell ties to the clinton foundation. that was in the san jose mercury news. then we have got the daily mail, the special guest that bill clinton's wedding was, again, this woman maxwell. i know you like bill
6:51 pm
clinton. okay. orgy island, excuse me, he has questions to answer here. >> let me deal with the baby making ranch because it's more than just an elaborate place in new mexico in the hinder land that he reportedly had sex. he had that place established as his baby-making ranch. what's that? he wanted to create a super race using his own sperm. he wanted impregnate up to 20 young girls to create a new race. it was part of his real fascination with eugenics which is ironics. a jewish guy using nazi type, you know, cryo genics and all. he wanted to preserve his head and his penis to resurrect later in life and have all these pregnant young things. so if the clintons were there, you know, it's fascinating because he did
6:52 pm
have this 33,000 square acre the zorro ranch you are looking at right now. they purportedly stayed at the wild west, you know, replica houses a mile or so away. they deny it. i wanted very much to find out whether it was true. i tracked down the jared kellogg who is cited in the daily mail story. the security expert. i don't know if it's the right jared kellogg's. there can't be that many in the security business in albuquerque new mexico. left a message he didn't call me back. i wanted know if he saw the clintons or only heard if he had been there i wanted to test the weight of his credibility. he was the single source of the daily mail story. let's take the clintons at their denial. you still have the flights, the multiple flights. we have the flight log at least 11 times. maybe as many as 26, 27 flights that on the lolita express. sometimes with security, secret service detail. sometimes without them.
6:53 pm
you know, the odds are, you know, you can figure the odds. >> sean: okay. now. i'm not dragging up at the time how old. >> 20, 21 or 22. > >> sean: i understand legal adult, got it. i'm thought arguing that. but, that's pretty young and he was the president. is this a stretch? >> listen, he's a dog, you know. and i defended him because there's lots of dogs around. i was a dog at one time in my life. >> sean: all right. geraldo, stop. >> >> congress is full of them. can you hear the howling across the atlantic. that's why i defended him. men lie about having sex. the president lied. he lied under oath. he was, you know, he pled to it. he got disbarred as a result of it. he was impeached as a result of that.
6:54 pm
he had to live with that and i think that's why hillary lost the election because donald trump. >> sean: we got the headline geraldo says clinton was a dog and he was a dog. great. i'm not responsible for what my guests say. calling out the media's obsession with the president ahead. ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪ >> sean: it's so secret that the media mob is addicted to attacking president trump. rush limbaugh has a theory about what is going to happen to the mob and the media once donald trump leaves office, and it's not going to be pretty for them. listen to the spirit speaker they may hate this guy but when he is gone, they are not going to know what to do because while trump is here, they have abandon the whole concept of covering news and ate point they are going to have to go back to that. at some point, they're going to have to get interested in
6:59 pm
something that isn't donald trump. they hate that guy. they despise the guy, and they can't stop looking at him. they can't stop listening to him. they can't stop making their entire world, their entire existence about donald trump. everybody in the drive-by media. "the new york times," cnn, msnbc. i know they think of themselves as the resistance, but believe me, they are going to miss this guy when he is gone. he is compelling. >> sean: he is right. by the way, a great way to look at it. my good friend will be on the show later this week, colonel oliver north. i read every book. i think this is his best one. it comes out right now. preorder it for christmas. if you go to, he will be doing a live book
7:00 pm
signing last night. you can right now personalize it to you. we will never be the hate to trump media mob ever. we pursue truth here. let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham is here in the house in the swamp. >> laura: you want to hear a little behind the scenes, a regarding ali? >> sean: okay. >> laura: i ran into him outside of the elevator and i came in like a big mess. five bags in my hand and he says luck, and he has a cute little spaniel and i say, is that a boykin spaniel customer at the cutest dog, like a little bird dog. he said, nobody knows what that is. a boykin spaniel. a beautiful little dog. i said is this a therapy dog? are you where the president is going to get impeached? >> sean: good grief.


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